Willowglen in Melbourne and Southbank


Jet lag has reared it’s ugly head. It’s 4:45 a.m. And I’ll take the opportunity to write a bit more. We spent our first night at the Marriott, using our points. We were upgraded to the Concierge floor and have access to a very nice lounge where we’ll have a complimentary breakfast later.

As our family and friends know, we live I’m the Willow Glen part of San Jose. The first thing that we saw when we walked into our room was a bottle of Willowglen wine! It is from a local winery, close to Melbourne.

Last night we taxied to Southbank on the Yarra River which runs through town. It was a great choice! There are many restaurant lining the riverbank and everyone was out enjoying the hot summer night. We sat outdoors at an Italian restaurant and watched the locals and tourists. Turns out the Australia Grand Prix is next Thursday and there were booths set up selling lots of paraphenalia from the luxury automakers.

Behind the restaurants there was a shopping mall consisting of high-end shops. I said to Cliff, “It feels like Vegas”, and, lo and behold, we came upon a hugh casino. I guess gambling is legal here.

Going to try to catch a little more shut eye now.

South bank

About Susan Gutterman

I am an amateur photographer and occasional blogger, living in northern California. I also enjoy reading, walking, traveling, volunteering and spending time with my family and my yellow lab, Gabby.
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2 Responses to Willowglen in Melbourne and Southbank

  1. Jan Hanson says:

    What a coincidence……WillowGlen Wine. Enjoyed your BLOG!


  2. Dale Bates says:

    We a wine tour that was great. The first night I slept fine, second, not so much!


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