The Great Barrier Reef


Our balcony at  Kewarra Resort

Our balcony at Kewarra Resort

imageimageimageimageimageToday we traveled about an hour to Port Douglas to board our boat to The Great Barrier Reef. It was about a two hour trip out to the reef. The boat pulls up alongside a very large pontoon from which all activities take place. we were at the reef for about five hours. The weather was absolutely lovely. All sorts of activities are available; such as snorkeling, scuba divWe decided to go down in a submersible boat, like a submarine. It is a very skinny tube, so everyone is next to a window. The reef is composed of about 2900 individual reefs and is about 1500 miles in length. The coral is, of course, alive. It is very beautiful to see the shapes and colors of coral, although the water was somewhat murky.

About Susan Gutterman

I am an amateur photographer and occasional blogger, living in northern California. I also enjoy reading, walking, traveling, volunteering and spending time with my family and my yellow lab, Gabby.
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4 Responses to The Great Barrier Reef

  1. Dale Bates says:

    We did that to and Bob snorkeled…great day.


  2. Donnetta Guthrie says:

    Your blog is giving me a preview of the trip I’ll be taking later this year (Christmas/New Years). I’ll be traveling solo, so, it’s nice to know what to expect. Thank you for sharing your adventure!

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  3. Sandi Kahn says:

    It’s great being able to follow along with your adventures in Oz. That is the most ginormous pontoon boat ever. How great to see the reef from the comfort of a submarine-type vessel
    What a memorable way to celebrate your Anniversary
    Sending love
    Sandi and Bob

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  4. ann mitchell says:

    We went on a dive boat and Gary was the OLDEST diver-obviously the boat was designed for very young people; after 3 days, I had had my fill of sealife for a while; being the ONLY SNOKERLER ON THE BOAT, I joined the divers for 4 dives a day- exciting, exhausting and I am quite jealous you saw the fish from the comfort of a sub vessel !


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