Holiday: A Poem of Questionable Rhyme/Meter

Pat T., from our tour, wrote a delightful poem for our final night’s celebration which she has given me permission to publish here. It is a bit esoteric to our group but I know that past, future and wannabe travelers down under will love it. Thanks, Pat and enjoy mates!

Holiday: A Poem of Questionable Rhyme/Meter

There once was a Tauck group
Who came from many states
About their adventure I must relate

We meet at the Langham
We number 38
Phew! There are name tags
That helps a lot mate

Who are all these people
The next day on the bus
I am a jet lagged elder
My memory has gone bust

Hi Neal – er Bob er David
My memory I am losing
Are you Kristen or Cathy
Are there really 3 Susan’s?

We get up pretty early
And to assigned seats we scurry
What if I oversleep
About this I worry

Out leader is named Lisa
She gives us good advice
If you want a cold drink here
You’ll have to ask for ice

She says there’s poison things here
That can kill you if you wish
When you go to a café
Order not box jelly fish

We eat our meals quite often
The food here is divine
Back home we will have to worry
About our expanded waist line

When I was a child
There’s a song I did sing
I never understood it
But now…budabing

There was an old woman who swallowed a fly
She lived in the outback
But I can’t imagine why

We dress up kind of funny
With nets & napkin on our domes
Lisa’s likely wondering
When are these fluffy ducks going home?

On to the Kiwi country
Where Maori have always been
You have to pass an entry test
Or they won’t let you in

We get on a jet boat
And get off with faces frozen
Ah! Life is good
When you are one of the Tauck chosen

Yes we have volcano’s here
And our Geysers sometimes stink
But at least we can say
Our Chiefs they don’t wear pink

So the question of the moment
Is how we will survive
As we prepare to join the ranks of the Tauck deprived

All this will soon be over
No more names on the post it stickers
We are grateful however
For being spared from Cricket

No more beans for breakfast
No more pies or lunches
No more private planes
Time to do some tummy crunches

And yes the trip
Cost a lot of money
But now we can go home
And guzzle vats of Manuka Honey

We’ve heard each others stories
Life can give us some hard times
But at its core its lovely
And we are still standing fine

This may be a bit cheeky
But I just have to say
A fond Farewell to all
May God speed you on your way.

About Susan Gutterman

I am an amateur photographer and occasional blogger, living in northern California. I also enjoy reading, walking, traveling, volunteering and spending time with my family and my yellow lab, Gabby.
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9 Responses to Holiday: A Poem of Questionable Rhyme/Meter

  1. Glenn says:

    Going on the same tour with Tauck next Jan.and enjoyed your words and pictures. Am interested in seeing an opera also in Sydney. What is the dress code? Do I need a jacket? Not planning to bring one as our Tauck tour doesn’t call for it.


    • gutsy4 says:

      Hi Glenn,
      We went to the opera and my husband did not bring a jacket. I saw a few people dressed up, but most were in “out to dinner” clothes and some were very casual. Whatever you bring for the first and last nights get-together swill be fine. You’re going to have a wonderful trip!


      • Glenn says:

        Thanks so much for the quick reply! Really looking forward to our trip. Did you have any trouble getting tickets?


      • gutsy4 says:

        No, we bought them the morning of the performance when we were on our tour. We saw Carmen.


      • Glenn says:

        From the itinerary appears that there is enough free time in Sydney to do our our thing. Went with Tauck on an East Africa Safari and to SE Asia they were wonderful. Only trouble is the length of the flights from NY. Stopping in SF on the way over and Fiji on the way back to break it up. What could be bad!


      • gutsy4 says:

        We are looking at Africa next year! We live just south of San Francisco. Flights are long, but worth it. Here’s a link to a slideshow that I put together “” title=”Our Trip to Australia


      • Glenn says:

        Slide show didn’t open. Africa was the trip of a lifetime, any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Friends we are visiting live in the East Bay


      • gutsy4 says:

        Going to send the link to your email. Having a little trouble copying and pasting as a link.


      • Glenn says:



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