Hello World!

My name is Susan, but I guess you know that from the name of my blog. I live in San Jose California. I dabble in photography  and technology, especially anything Apple. I love to travel.  I participated in Photo 101 a few months ago and learned a great deal.  Now I want to learn how to be a better blogger.

I am taking a big trip to South Africa in September and I plan to start a blog for family and friends to follow while I am traveling.  I will not have a laptop along, only my iPad.  This blog will be created entirely on my iPad.  I hope I am comfortable with the process by the time I leave.

What would a trip to Africa be without pictures!!  Therefore, I will include a picture or gallery with each of my posts.

I am blogging publically because my trip blog will be public, so I’d better get used to it!  Also, I look forward to “meeting” my fellow bloggers and learning from each other.  I will write about whatever the topic of the day is.  You can expect to hear about my yellow lab, Gabby; my family and friends; and my home.  I expect to touch on joy, sadness, love, fear, spirituality and whatever emotions fit with the day’s theme.  You might hear about my husband’s colonoscopy this Friday, as he is  freaking out about it.

A year from now I hope to be totally comfortable blogging and to have made many new friends from all corners of the earth.

About Susan Gutterman

I am an amateur photographer and occasional blogger, living in northern California. I also enjoy reading, walking, traveling, volunteering and spending time with my family and my yellow lab, Gabby.
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2 Responses to Hello World!

  1. Debbi says:

    Wonderful reason to start a blog, I am sure your family & friends will especially love it, and the rest of the world get to tag along for a fun ride.

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  2. honestme363 says:

    I am so excited for you and your trip. (And sorry for your husband). I will be eagerly awaiting your posts and pics. 😊 By the way, I find your title very catchy. It has almost become a jingle in the back of my head.


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