Rhine River Cruise and Israel-Day 16

Yesterday we had lunch at Machneyuda Restaurant.  This is a very well-known restaurant with a prize-winning chef and we expected upscale and fancy.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was actually a little hole-in-the-wall with lots of character and delicious food; my favorite kind of place when traveling.  Ellen and I shared chicken livers (something you never see on a menu at home) and black rice risotto.  It is great fun to watch the action in the kitchen and the servers racing upstairs balancing plates full of food.  Click on a photo to make it larger.

From the restaurant it was a short walk to Machane Yehuda Market (The Shook).  We had great fun strolling through the market picking out food for the evening.  We bought nuts, pita, hummus, eggplant cheeses, halva (a sweet sesame candy) and wine.

Scenes from the Shook-Click on a photo to make it larger

In the evening our cousins, Janet and Myra, came over and the six of us visited until late in the evening.  It was so wonderful to spend time with them here and we will miss them when we go home.  The Old City Night Marathon was taking place right below us and it was great fun to watch and listen!Today we leave this enchanted city and head back to Tel Aviv and the beach for a few days before heading home.

About Susan Gutterman

I am an amateur photographer and occasional blogger, living in northern California. I also enjoy reading, walking, traveling, volunteering and spending time with my family and my yellow lab, Gabby.
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5 Responses to Rhine River Cruise and Israel-Day 16

  1. angloswiss says:

    What a wonderful fun holiday you are having.


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  3. autistsix says:

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award because I love your posts. https://autistsix.com/2016/09/20/the-versatile-blogger-award/


  4. autistsix says:

    I so pleased you’re happy, you deserve an award! 🙂

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