Macro Moments Challenge: Week 13

Welcome to Macro Moments Challenge: Week 13 and  thank you to everyone who entered last week’s challenge!  Don’t forget to check for this week’s theme below in order to be included in the judging.

Congratulations to last week’s winner, Brenda of “Meditative Journey With Saldage”, for her photo of a goat’s beard plant.  I love the movement and how she captured the light!


 This is a place to share the beauty of macro photography and learn from each other.  Please join in!  A new challenge begins each Wednesday, and I announce the winner from the previous week when I post the new challenge. The winner’s photo will be featured on this blog used as the banner in the announcement for the next week’s challenge, unless I am requested not to use it. 

Instructions for participating in the challenge are found at the end of this post.

The theme for this week’s challenge is, “Get Real Close!”  If you’re shooting a fly, zoom in on it’s eye.  If you’re shooting a flower, zoom in on the pistils in the center.  If you’re shooting an object, concentrate on just a small area.  You get the idea!

For any given aperture value, the higher the magnification ratio, the smaller the depth of field  will be, hence the depth of field tends to be very shallow for true macro photography (extreme close-up) because you are shooting at high magnification.  Therefore, to achieve sharp results you must focus right on the main point of the subject that you want to target and set a larger aperture number, typically f 6.0 or greater.  If possible, mount your camera on a tripod because at smaller apertures (larger number), your shutter speed will be slower and pictures will be blurry if the camera isn’t very still.

Below are a few examples–

All were shot with my  Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera and my Olympus M.60mm f.2.8 macro lens, mounted on a tripod and edited in LR. Hover over each photo to see the camera settings. 

Sadly, the best camera shop in the San Francisco Bay Area is closing.  A sign of the times, I fear, squeezed out by online shopping and high rents.  I bought my camera there as well as all of my lenses.  The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful and they will be sorely missed.

Everything in the store is on sale and I picked up  a Thin Skin Belt™ and pouches and this little Joby™ tripod on Friday.  



Here’s how the challenge works:

  • Choose a favorite macro photo  from the past week or from your archives. 
  • Create a new post on your blog entitled “Macro Moments: Week (insert week)“.
  • Add the photo to your post and a brief description. I would love to know, as I am sure others would, too,  what camera and lens you used and your settings.
  • You may submit more than one photo, but submit each in a separate post if you want to be included in the judging.
  • Deadline for submitting your entries is 8:00 a.m. Tuesday, Pacific Time.
  • Create a * pingback to this post and/or leave a link to your post in the comments section.
  • Tag your post Macro Moments so others can find it.

If you’re not sure how to create a pingback,  Here are instructions

The following bloggers also submitted entries in last week’s challenge.  Pay a visit to view their work and if I missed anybody, please let me know!

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About Susan Gutterman

I am an amateur photographer and occasional blogger, living in northern California. I also enjoy reading, walking, traveling, volunteering and spending time with my family and my yellow lab, Gabby.
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  13. I put this post together before I saw the challenge. I put the pingback in my post, but I’m on wordpress dot org and self-hosted so they don’t always show up. Here is a great close-up of candy (part of two other photo challenges).


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