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I would love to tell you that I am a blithe, free-spirit who will captivate you with my amazing adventures.  Alas, in reality, I am a somewhat compulsive, “woman of a certain age” who dabbles in photography and technology, especially anything Apple, and loves to travel.  That being said, I hope that you will still find what I have to share with you somewhat interesting.

My name is Susan, just like about about 40% of other women of my generation. I live in San Jose, California with my husband and yellow lab, Gabby.  I have a grown daughter and son and four wonderful grandchildren.

I was a diabetes educator before I retired.  I counseled people with diabetes and worked for LifeScan, a Johnson and Johnson company which manufactures blood testing products. During my last years with the company I traveled for them to Europe and Asia and my love of traveling took off from there!

I took a wonderful trip to South Africa and Zimbabwe in 2015 and just returned from  Europe and Israel (September 2016) I post photos and narrative almost daily on my travels.  You can follow my trips in the “travel” section of this blog. My online travelogues become the basis for a book about each trip, which I publish on Blurb.

As I have become more interested in photography, my blog has evolved primarily into a place to share and collect my work and host a weekly photo challenge called “Macro Moments”.  I also regularly submit photos to various challenges on WordPress.

In addition to my photos and travelogues, you can expect to occasionally hear about life with Gabby and our therapy dog visits to Ronald McDonald House, my family and friends, and my home and garden.

I love “meeting” my fellow bloggers and photographers, and connecting with family and friends in this space.  I actually got to meet Pat, from Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss, live and in person in Basel, Switzerland on my most recent trip.  Our lunch together was a highlight of the trip! Can’t  wait  to read your comments and learn from  each other!


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  1. Nice to meet you Susan! I love the Municipal Rose Garden in San Jose!

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  3. Rupali says:

    You have nice blogs Susan. Good luck with your trip. Looking forward to enjoy great shots!

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  4. The comment about technology with the preference towards anything Apple is a SMART decision! I refer to the common place Microsoft operating system as a VIRUS!

    Used to be a network engineer who dealt with fortune 500 companies all over the world. My personal preference is just about any flavor of Unix operating system. Since I share my machines with my husband, we have to use a system with a mind numbing G(raphical)U(user)I(nterface). So now you just learned a common computer term, GUI for free! I like the strictly text base systems myself. Requires less computing processes to complete a task.

    Have fun on your trip to Africa, are you taking Gabby with you? Think the animal would probably enjoy exploring new territory. If not, make sure it is left with people who will take care of it while you are gone.

    Look forward to your blogs from the trip!
    Jeanette Hall

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  5. gutsy4 says:

    Hi Jeanette,
    Glad you concur about Apple! It would be impossible to take Gabby–long flights, quarantines, guided tour, etc. We have a good petsitter who stays in our home with her. I’ll miss her, but love to travel!

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  6. Wow Susan, nice to meet you and the trip sounds fantastic! I would love to follow you and hear all about it!

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  7. Lynn Rice says:

    Susan, this was amazing…you brought our trip to life! We were so busy I barely knew where we were from day to day! Home now, and still recovering from our many hours home! It had to be longer for you! GREAT job, girl! If you didn’t receive the pics of you and Cliff, pls let me know! Lynn and Bill

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    • Thanks so much, Lynne! The blog is my trip diary so I can continue to re-live the memories. Yes, we did get the picture. Thank you for sending it. We, too, are still adjusting after the very long flight home. Tired, but happy!

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  8. moonskittles says:

    Beautify introduction!! Nice meeting you Susan!

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  9. Hi Susan Glad to meet another bay area blogger. I’m up here in Albany. Thanks for following me I’ll do the same 🙂

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  10. Thank you for following my blog. I look forward to seeing more of your posts!

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  11. sued51 says:

    Nice to meet you Susan. I am another Susan from your generation. I came to visit you because your title “grabbed me.” 🙂 Your pictures are lovely!

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  12. delightful and so familiar.

    I even lived in Los Gatos in my 20’s and married a man from San Jose.

    Looking forward to more. Thanks.

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  13. Hi Susan, just found your blog through Jennifer Nichole Wells “planner” comments. I see we are neighbors (I live in Sacramento; my daughter lives in Mountain View). Your challenge looks great and I shall have to check it out!

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  14. Arkenaten says:

    You came to SA and didn’t stop by for a cup of tea! 🙂

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  15. Your photography is very beautiful Susan. And thank you for your kind encouraging words on my blog. Thank you!

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  17. findingnyc says:

    I’m really glad to have discovered your blog after reading Pat’s blog at Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss. I too am named Susan! I look forward to reading more of your blog in the future.

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  18. I am happy to meet you, too, Susan and look forward to following your blog!


  19. Hi Susan,
    So nice to connect with you. What a small world, I also worked for LifeScan until about three years ago. I traveled frequently in the USA supporting Hospital Blood Glucose Monitoring products.
    I look forward to following your blog.

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    • Oh my goodness, I was a CS rep and supervisor supporting the hospital products and then global CS manager. I traveled to Europe and China during the “clean-up” after we got into trouble with the FDA. I left in 2003. I loved working for LifeScan!

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      • I also loved working for LifeScan and traveling to support Hospital customers. We overlapped, as I started work there in 95. I was in QA when you were at LFS. I’m sure we know lots of the same people. At one point my field position reported into CS.


  20. Did you know that there is a Facebook LifeScan Employees Group?


  21. GeorgieMoon says:

    Hi. I just found your blog, it looks great, you sound like a lovely person, I think we have lots in common, mainly photography and travel. I’ve just realised you are the lady who met Mrs Anglo Swiss! I love her blog too.

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  24. Thanks so much for following Oh, the Places We See. I wish I could say I was organized enough to publish books on Blurb — something I’ve got to try! And such a great resource to leave the kids. Best wishes in all your travels and writings. Glad to have you traveling with us!


  25. It sounds like we have a lot in common. I love photographing and blogging about my area of the California Central Coast in San Luis Obispo county. I dabble in gardening and book reviewing and try to blog about those interests, as well. I’ve never worked for LifeScan, but I have taken advantage of their service. Nice to meet you.


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